Our video interview with the Mississippiu Aquarium for their World Ocean Day Event

Lionfish Universe packed with industry experts recorded live from DEMA 2021!

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Interviews on Aruba Barbuda Today

NOAA’s Dr Steve Gittings interview on Antigua Barbuda Today
Dr Steve Gittings and Mehgan Heaney-Grier talking about the lionfish invasion and our project on Antigua to assess the lionfish problem.
The Lionfish Invasion – an economic opportunity?
Stacy Frank and Martha Walkins Gilkes talk about economic opportunities relating to the lionfish invasion on Antigua Barbuda Today.
Lionfish cooking with Chef Monica Archer and Jim Hart of Lionfish University
Chef Monica Archer and Jim Hart are cooking invasive lionfish with host Steve Ibis on Aruba Barbuda Today.

The Silver Lining

This is one of our favorite Videos out there!

Lionfish Traps

The “Purse” Design

June 19th, 2017
Dr Steve Gittings and the dive team test the new “purse” design traps in Pensacola, Florida.

Checking the Catch

July 13th, 2017
CoastWatch Alliance and volunteers visit the traps to see how well they’re attracting lionfish.

A Metal Prototype

April 21st, 2017
CoastWatch Alliance and volunteers test a prototype of the metal lionfish traps.



Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day

Team Florida Man took first place with 2,403 invasive lionfish removed in 2 days during the derby in Perdido Key in May, 2018.



DEMA 2017

Dr Steve Gittings discusses the lionfish invasion, and current research efforts against it at DEMA 2017 in Florida.

Observing the Lionfish Invasion

Lionfish vs Grouper: Open Water Kill

This is believed to be the first recorded observation of a grouper killing an invasive lionfish with no interference from the diver.

Voracious Suction Tube of Destruction

Lionfish are voracious predators, and will use ambush and herding techniques to capture prey. Then, when they’re close enough, the lionfish strikes with its powerful suction ability.

Super Duper Grouper in Training

This grouper has eyes on the prize of lionfish meat. It didn’t go for the kill, but was still fixated when the divers left.

Lionfish 101

The top ten questions about the lionfish invasion, answered.

Community Efforts in Cayman

Little Cayman Community Culling Program

Thank you Peter Hillenbrand, Neil Van Niekerk, Lindsay Japal, Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman Beach Resort, Pirate’s Point and all the Dive Operators and Volunteer Cullers who are proving Lionfish can be controlled with concentrated culling.

Take a Lionfish to Lunch and… Eat It!

Chef Thomas Tennant and Lindsey Japal show how to make a delicious lionfish ceviche.