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Make Money Selling Your Lionfish

Make Money Selling Your Lionfish We’ll help connect you to wholesalers, restaurants and seafood markets to sell your invasive lionfish catches in Florida. And you can help connect others to buyers in your area and help us fill in that information for Texas, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. We need your help to share this type of information from all around the invaded areas, including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. For more information on selling your lionfish in Florida CLICK HERE

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As Jacques Cousteau said “People protect what they love”.  As Jacques Cousteau said “People protect what they love”.  Our ocean reefs are under attack by lionfish throughout the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean down to South America, and now populations are exploding in the Mediterranean.


Come have fun with us and join our network of Field Reporters and community throughout the invaded area as you share your stories, pictures and videos relating to the lionfish invasion. No need to re-invent the wheel: let’s share our knowledge and experiences. Do you have to be in the water and culling invasive lionfish to be a field reporter? no. Share restaurants or markets that serve or sell lionfish, or lionfish art. You could be a Field Reporter on lionfish art if you want. Once a month we will select top contributing Field Reporters to receive special rewards and discount coupons for cool lionfish rash guards and lionfish culling gear. We’ll do a spotlight on you on social media if you are selected (and you can add a link to your business if you want). And you could be selected Field Reporter of the Quarter or of the Year.


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