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We rely on our network of Field reporters to share their invasive lionfish photos, videos, experiences and observations. We need all the information we can get in the fight against the lionfish invasion.

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Field Reporter of the Quarter: Alex Fogg


Alex Fogg is the Marine Resource Coordinator for Okaloosa County, Florida. His background in marine resource management stems from the implementation of an invasive lionfish life history study which required broad collaboration with Federal, State and local governments as well as local businesses and stakeholders throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Alex began his work career with NOAA in Pascagoula, Mississippi working on numerous Gulf of Mexico fisheries surveys following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Alex then transitioned to the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned his MS degree in Coastal Sciences in 2016. During his time with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alex was the project manager for the largest artificial reef project in the history of Florida’s artificial reef program and upon completion will have deployed more than 3,000 new artificial reefs across northwest Florida.

Alex recently transitioned to his new position with Okaloosa County and is involved in numerous projects from artificial reef construction and monitoring, sea turtle lighting initiatives as well as beach restoration and the development of an estuary program for Choctawhatchee Bay.  These projects will create and restore habitat and provide numerous recreational opportunities to visitors as well as residents in the region.

Why Alex?

​All our Field Reporters do amazing work, but Alex goes above and beyond. Here are just some of the contributions Alex has made to Lionfish University:


  • Serves as a Science Advisor and a Field Reporter 

  • Submits photos, videos and stories for us to share on social media

  • Helped create content for some of our Public Service Announcements

  • Participated in field work for trap research

  • Consults on science-related questions so we can report as accurately as possible

  • Has done graphic work for LFU

  • Answers questions received on social media

  • Culls invasive lionfish and participates in derbies on a regular basis

  • Volunteered to help us set up at DEMA

  • Keeps us in the loop on new scientific advances about the lionfish invasion: look for a release soon on the ulcerations being found among invasive lionfish

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