Field Reporters


We rely on our network of Field reporters to share their invasive lionfish photos, videos, experiences and observations. We need all the information we can get in the fight against the lionfish invasion.

To sign up as a field reporter, email using our form.

Field Reporter of the Quarter: Roger Muller


Roger has been a volunteer Field Reporter for several years now. He sends in video reports from around the invaded area on the many lionfish hunting trips he and his wife Andrea take. Roger always has a Lionfish University flag with him and has been spreading the word about our efforts to help control the lionfish invasion. Roger has also helped with PSA series Lionfish Culling Safety Tips and is a sponsor of Lionfish University. Thank you Roger for all of your support and volunteer efforts!

Why Roger?

​All our Field Reporters do amazing work, but Roger goes above and beyond. Here are just some of the contributions Roger has made to Lionfish University:


  • Submits photos, videos and stories for us to share on social media

  • Helped create content for some of our Public Service Announcements

  • Participated in field work for trap research

  • Has done graphic work for LFU

  • Answers questions received on social media

  • Culls invasive lionfish and participates in derbies on a regular basis

  • Volunteered to help us set up at DEMA

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