Field Reporter of the Quarter: Aylin Ullman


Aylin has been a volunteer Field Reporter for several years now. She received her MSc in fisheries science in 2013 from Daniel Pauly (Sea Around Us) at the University of British Columbia. In 2018, she received her PhD from Sorbonne University and University of Pavia, Italy in Marine Ecosystem Health & Conservation studying invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Field Reporter of the Quarter: Andres Hernandez


Andres lives in Costa Rica and has been following us and volunteering as a Field Reporter since we first started back in 2012.  Andres has been sending in field reports and pictures all these years. Andres has been a great role model for his children and has taught them how to dive and how to cull invasive lionfish. They also pick trash on the beach and care about the health of the reefs. Thank you Andres!

Lionfish University Logo

Field Reporter of the Quarter: Roger Muller


Roger has been a volunteer Field Reporter for several years now. He sends in video reports from around the invaded area on the many lionfish hunting trips he and his wife Andrea take. Roger always has a Lionfish University flag with him and has been spreading the word about our efforts to help control the lionfish invasion. Roger has also helped with PSA series Lionfish Culling Safety Tips and is a sponsor of Lionfish University. Thank you Roger for all of your support and volunteer efforts!

Roger Muller