Great Article on How Much Plastic We Eat! Please read. Click here

We, at Lionfish University declare our commitment to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics within our own booths at DEMA and reduce it in our daily lives. And we ask you to make the same commitment by signing this pledge below.

We believe it’s safe to say a clean ocean–free from plastic and trash–isn’t just critical for healthy reefs, marine life, and our planet. It’s also critical for your company/organization in the dive industry.

According to The Earth Day Network: “About eight million metric tons of plastic are tossed into the ocean every year. Of those, 236 million tons are microplastics, small pieces that have broken down to the size of a small human fingernail. There are five massive patches of plastic in the oceans around the world. These huge concentrations of plastic debris cover large swaths of the ocean; the one between California and Hawaii is the size of the state of Texas. By 2050 there will be more plastic than there are fish (by weight) in the ocean.”

Given every single DEMA exhibitor is ultimately dependent on a clean, plastic-free ocean, we’d like you to help us reduce plastic, especially single-use plastic at all future DEMA shows. It’s not just good for your business. It’s the right thing to do. And there are plenty of high quality alternatives to plastic products that are recycled, biodegradable, and/or compostable to choose from. Please know that while Lionfish University isn’t in the position to endorse any specific brand of biodegradable cutlery, bowls, cups, etc., they’re easy to find online.

We, the undersigned declare our commitment to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics within our own booths and in our daily lives.

Not a scuba diver or not sure what DEMA is? Not a problem. Anyone can sign this because a clean ocean is everyone’s responsibility. We need all the support we can gather.

We hope our action will inspire DEMA and its vendors to do the same. As a dive industry leader and advocate for the environment, you won’t just be setting an example for your industry, attendees, other dive trade shows, and the world. You’ll be taking an important step toward the solution instead of compounding the problem. We sincerely hope you will join us, and we look forward to working together to make DEMA a sustainable, zero waste event in the years to come.

Thank you,

Lionfish University