Courtney Platt, Cofounder of LFU Welcomes You To DEMA!

Stacy Frank, Cofounder of LFU Welcomes You To DEMA!

Jim Hart, Cofounder of LFU Welcomes You To DEMA!

Welcome to DEMA 2020!

Here is our menu of options. Please hang out and learn all about that has happen in the lionfish community over the past year – it’s a lot!

Our Live Seminar

We are exited to be presenting a Lionfish Panel for DEMA This year. It is full of the Who’s Who in the lionfish community. This is a must see! Click on the link below and register for the even and who knows – you might even win some of the cool prizes!

Our Lionfish Video Library

Learn about all the exciting efforts throughout the world in the lionfish community!

Safety Tips #1: Preparation

Safety Tips #4: The Sting

Lionfish Central & The Lionfish Patrol App

Lionfish Spines & Venom 

Learn About The Lionfish Community

Chef Monica & Jim

Salty Spines Mini Lionfish Tournaments

Salty Spines

Roger Muller’s Lionfish Video

Safety Tips #2: The Hunt

The Lionfish Community

Antigua Lionfish Efforts with Martha Watkins Gilkes of Antigua


The Mediterranean Lionfish Map

Dr. Gittings Building a Purse Trap

Chef Monica Cooks It Up In Antigua!

Neil Van Niekerk: lionfish Invasion

Jamaica Lionfish Efforts

Safety Tips #3: Handling

Antigua Docushort

Lionfish Traps Information

Dr. Gittings Explains the Purse Trap Model

Lionfish Cooking Demonstration

iSea Aliens Species by Nikos

PADI Lionfish Certification

Lionfish Jewelry by Phil Karp

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Neil Van Niekerk: 2 Degrees C