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A successful day of hunting

Oceans in Focus

We collaborate with Oceans in Focus to create global awareness and local action.
We’re working to produce positive change for our oceans.

Dr Steve Gittings

We are helping to fund the lionfish trap research of Dr Steve Gittings, of NOAA.

Coast Watch Alliance

We have collaborated extensively with Coast Watch Alliance to protect reefs for current and future generations.


We’ve worked with Olacoral, a coral reef restoration organization and lionfish population control. 

Belize Lionfish Jewelry

We are happy to support the efforts of this women’s empowerment cooperative that makes and sells invasive lionfish jewelry.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

We are a proud Seafood Watch partner of the program which helps promote sustainable fishing practices.

Ambassador Divers

We have collaborated with this Cayman Islands dive shop and scuba diving operator on Public Service announcements and other awareness and educational projects.


We have collaborated with Lionfish Central to help nonprofits from around the world have more effective and powerful internet presence.