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These three beautiful islands are about 150 miles south of Cuba and just a short flight from Miami. The capital city of this British territory is George Town on Grand Cayman along with the international airport and it is a busy port of call for visiting cruise ships.

Known for the friendliness of its people, unique culture and its distinctive dialect, the Caymans offer spectacular diving and snorkeling to visitors! You may have heard of Stingray City, Stingray Sand Bar and Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. There are several dive shops and charter operations available to take you to these places.

If you have the time and want to escape the cruise ship crowds, then venture on to Little Cayman and check out Bloody Bay Marine Park!

When it comes to lionfish hunting in the Cayman Islands the local authority is the Department of Environment (DoE). 1345 949 8469

Lionfish were first discovered here in 2008 and it was decided that Caymanians and residents could apply for a polespear license grant and then apply for a lionfish spear permit.

All culls must be reported (size, location, date etc.) and they prohibit the feeding of lionfish to other species and for good reason! Predators can become a problem and if they show up all culling stops!

Lionfish spears were issued by the DoE under the direction of the National Conservation Council (until recently) and are tagged with the permit holder’s number. These spears may not be used by others unless on a vessel holding a ‘corporate’ lionfish permit that is participating in the Customer Spearing Program, and you must have a permit yourself to use one.

Joanna Mikutowicz owner of Divetech explains, “Once a customer has gone through our half day lionfish culling course they are allowed to use the spears issued by the DoE to hunt lionfish from one of our boats in the presence of one of our instructors.” Thank you Joanna!

DoE forbids unlicensed spears of any kind from entering the Cayman Islands, so you’ll have to leave yours at home.

While it is illegal to sell ‘live’ lionfish, there are many restaurants and bars serving up fresh lionfish that is supplied to them by permit holding divers.

DoE officer Bradley Johnson provided the following list of diving companies in the program ..

Red Sail Sports ( Seven Mile Beach )
1345 623 5965

Dive Tech Ltd
1345 946 5658

Ambassador Divers
1345 949 4530

Ocean Frontiers ( East End )
1345 947 7500

In recent years there has been some testing of Dr Gittings’ purse style trap in the Caymans and the results are encouraging! Permits for trapping experiments are evaluated on an individual basis by the Department of Environment.

So enjoy your visit to the Caymans, participate in some lionfish culling and order it in the restaurants. It all helps!

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