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A 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the damage caused by the invasive lionfish.
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East Meets West documentary

Documentary about the historic visit of Turkish scientist Dr. Aylin Ulman to the Florida Keys during COVID to learn from leading US lionfish experts and scientists the best practices to help control the lionfish invasion in the Mediterranean.

Featuring Dr. Aylin Ulman, Dr. Steve Gittings, Dr. Holden Harris, Alex Fogg, Allie ElHage and Scott Gonnello. Filmed and Produced by Lionfish University.

Our Mission

We are a group dedicated to preserving our oceans’ reefs and native fish populations, which are threatened in the western Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico by the invasive lionfish . We formed this non-profit to share information and resources relating to the infestation of this invasive species. Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of …. Learn More

This footage of lionfish swimming around corals about 200 feet deep in the Northern Gulf of Mexico was recorded during an expedition last year focused on restoring the mesophotic and deep benthic communities injured by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. These restoration projects include supporting propagation of the octocoral species seen in this video as well as assessing and reducing threats, like invasive species, to increase resilience of these important seafloor communities. Video credit: NOAA, Marine Applied Research & Exploration

All About Lionfish

Lionfish are one of the most invasive aquatic species in history. They have been decimating reefs and weakening ecosystems across the Western Atlantic for over 30 years, unchecked and unchallenged.

Now is the time to fight.

Lionfish Are Delicious!

Lionfish are a great tasting sustainable food source. They are rich in Omega 3 and have no mercury. Eating lionfish creates a demand for the fish and that gives divers a reason to go out and catch more. Order some today!

What We Do


We are working with Dr. Stephen Gittings of NOAA to develop effective, inexpensive traps for the invasive lionfish.

We use our network of Field Reporters to test traps and discover new ways of fighting the lionfish.

Dr Mitchell Tartt (NOAA), Stacy Frank, Dr Scott Noakes (University of Georgia),  Dr Steve Gittings (NOAA), Alex Fogg, and Jim Hart start phase 3 of the invasive lionfish trap research project in Pensacola, Florida in October, 2017.

Miss Cayman Islands Lindsey Japal and chef Thomas Tennent take a lionfish to lunch – and eat it!


We help inform the international community of the devastation caused by the lionfish invasion.

We connect divers, hunters and the general public to find new ways of eradicating lionfish.

Invasive lionfish are a delicious, healthy, and sustainable alternative to other white fishes such as snapper, grouper, dorado, and wahoo.

Lionfish is naturally low in saturated fats, high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and low in bio-accumulated toxins such as mercury.

Our Community

We are a community of divers, scientists, and concerned citizens who want to see our natural reefs protected for future generations to enjoy. Find out how you can help by checking out our donations page.
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We rely on reports from the public to find ways to stop the lionfish invasion!​

To become a field reporter, please contact us at hello@lionfishuniversity.org