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Culling Works

A research report entitled, "Coping with the Lionfish Invasion: Can Targeted Removals Yield Beneficial Effects?" from the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) located in Little Cayman, and the University of Florida, published on July 12th 2012, clearly concludes.

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Dedicated Fisher Kings

John "Dry Rot" Ferguson and his Fisherkings on Grand Cayman proudly displayed their weapons of lionfish destruction for photographer Courtney Platt. Dry Rot demonstrated his "Stuff and Go" five gallon catch bucket in a Skype interview with the authors fashioned from a heavy plastic water jug

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LionfishU is a new and unique organization. We need your help in supporting us to spread awareness of our cause to save the ocean's reefs from the devastating effects of the invasive lionfish. Inquire about sponsorship and the benefits it offers.

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We are relatively new and would appreciate your comments and suggestions for LionfishU. Please email us your comments and suggestions.

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Lionfish Proliferation Video

  Indo-Pacific Lionfish Proliferation click here for animation video 



Latest News

factsCoping with the Lionfish Invasion Can Targeted Removals Yield Beneficial Effects?
Invasive species generate significant environmental and economic costs ..

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 A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute

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Overview of Lionfish Invasion

Lionfish Facts


Pterois volitans

Red Lionfish 

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source: https://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries

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